5 Times You Thought You Didn’t Need Travel Insurance…Until You Did

Since the Affordable Care Act came into effect in 2014, many people were concerned that they would no longer be eligible to purchase travel insurance due to the coverage they received through their health plan. However, if you are still looking to ensure that your travels run smoothly and that you’re covered in case of an emergency, then purchasing travel insurance can still benefit you – even if you have other forms of coverage already in place. Here are five times when taking out travel insurance could have saved your trip!

1) Cancelled flights
If you’ve ever had a flight cancelled, you know that it can be a huge headache. The airline will refund your ticket but then charge you for a new one. Trying to book a flight while simultaneously dealing with the stress of being stranded is not fun. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make the process easier on yourself and get home as quickly as possible.

2) Illness strikes the traveller
I was in the middle of my trip and I thought I had a cold. After a few days, it wasn’t getting any better so I went to the doctor. Turns out, I had pneumonia and could have died if I hadn’t gone to the hospital. It turned out that my travel insurance covered all my costs so there was no need for me to worry about how much this would cost me!

3) Delayed flights
It’s hard to imagine that you’d need a travel insurance policy when everything goes according to plan. But what if the airline suddenly cancels your flight, or your luggage gets lost on the way to your destination? With travel insurance, a refund is guaranteed in these cases. Plus, you have access to 24/7 emergency assistance while abroad.

4) Lost passports or documents
If you’re on the road without a passport or other documents, you may need to get emergency assistance. That’s why we recommend buying travel insurance that covers lost documents and emergency medical evacuation.

5) Overbooked hotels
One time when travel insurance could have saved your trip is when you were overbooked in a hotel. If you’re not covered by travel insurance and the hotel overbooks, they might kick you out to make room for other guests. Luckily, this doesn’t happen very often because hotels know that it’s bad business to leave someone without a place to stay. But it can happen if there are more people who’ve booked their stay than there are rooms.

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